Interviews can be an extremely intimidating process. Hopefully, if you’ve read Part 1 of Branding Your Best Self: The Interview, you feel a bit calmer about the whole experience. These blogs are meant to be used as a resource and a guide to make you feel more prepared. After all, this is your chance to showcase yourself and you want to be feeling your best on the day of.


Speaking of which, this is a great place to continue our conversation on interviews and what you may need to prepare and bring to the big day. Read on to find out more information!


What To Bring The Day Of


Resume: You already have an impressive resume completed, which is part of the reason you were hired. But don’t assume that everyone has copies of your resume on hand. It’s best to print about 5 copies of your resume in case anyone needs one, and in case you need one to review alongside your interviewers.


Portfolio Of Work: Even if this hasn’t been asked for, bringing along a portfolio of work can do wonders for your interview. Not only will this showcase what words cannot, it’s a great segway into showcasing your talents when answering questions.


A Briefcase Or Tote: What happens often in interviews is that you pack a laptop case, briefcase, or purse full of items and you don’t use them. But it’s so much better to have options than to show up empty-handed. Make sure to bring all business-related items that you’d need such as two pens and two pencils (you never know!), a notebook, copies of your cover letter, resume, and writing/work samples. This tote or briefcase should be professional looking and uncluttered, and mostly for your benefit so that you are not scrambling to find any items.


Your A-Game: As cliche as it sounds, you should always bring your best mindset to the interview. Allow your confidence to make an appearance. It’s important to know that your interviewers want you to succeed – after all, they’re looking for a teammate!


How To Dress To Impress


Clothing: Choosing an outfit is just as important as doing the research. Sad but true, if your potential employers are too distracted by your messy hair or wrinkled shirt, they will miss your exceptional preparation work when you answer questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for the dress code, but don’t be fooled by a casual work environment: always dress professionally for an interview!


Women should wear dresses that are appropriate in length and fit, or a pant combination of appropriate fit and length as well. Men should always have a suit jacket on hand incase one is required and all clothing should fit comfortably. When it comes to shoes, comfort is best. Ladies, if you can’t walk in stilettos, don’t try to wear them to an interview! Men, make sure your shoes are polished and shined.


As an added tip, make sure to bring a wellness bag of sorts with you on the day of. This can include breath mints, extra deodorant, makeup, fragrance, hair pins and a comb, extra shoes or socks and any other essentials you think you might need to look your best.


Sounds simple right? While it’s a complicated list to prepare, these tips will give you the firepower you need to make a great impression and share your brand with the world. All that’s left for the interview at this point is perfecting the handshake!