Clarele Mortimer has earned recognition and respect in the professional world by doing something many professionals don’t: admitting her mistakes, learning from them, and then sharing them to help others in their journey of professional development. Since Clarele is a firm believer that the only bad mistakes are the ones you don’t learn from, she is eager to share the lessons and wisdoms that she has acquired throughout her life with others. The people with whom she interacts know that her door is always open to give advice regarding careers, searching for jobs, and even writing resumes. No matter what they need direction on, she is there to help them find a solution.

Clarele Mortimer

Sharing Life’s Experiences

Clarele Mortimer has been passionate about helping others develop their careers and paths for success for a long time. Outside of her professional career as a business manager at Morgan Stanley, she has been working regularly as an Executive on Campus Mentor at Baruch College since 2013. Here she helps undergraduate and graduate students who are studying business map out career paths and plans for their futures after college. Some of the finer aspects of her work include helping all her students develop necessary business etiquette and hone the skills they’ll need to effectively communicate, network, and interview when it comes time to start searching for a job. Clarele also had a knack for helping students to think outside of the box when it comes to determining career paths. Many business majors see their potential limited to accounting or marketing when in actuality there is a whole host of careers available to them; Clarele wants to help these people identify and pursue a career that will be right for them. She takes pride in her ability to lead and inspire the students with whom she works by helping each individual expand their awareness, perspective, and insight to actualize their full potential.

Prior to her work at Baruch College, from 2009 to 2012 Clarele Mortimer employed her services as an Educator and Project Coordinator at the Technical Career Institute in New York. She gained experience teaching mathematics, finance, and economics at the undergraduate level, and became adept at implementing new curricula in multicultural environments. Clarele particularly enjoyed working with individuals to help assess and evaluate the student’s performance and incorporating different methods into her lesson plans to address and assist in the areas needing improvement. Because of her consistent dedication to helping others, it comes as no surprise that she has received recognition from faculty and students alike for her sincere care for her students and innovative approach to education.

Clarele Mortimer is a member of the Microfinance Club of New York as well as Women Advancing Microfinance and INFORMS.