The day has come for celebration! You’ve landed the all-important interview for a potential dream job. After you come down from the high of excitement, however, you may be asking yourself, “Now What?”


The interview is arguably the most important aspect of branding yourself. It is your chance to show in person what you’ve up to now only presented on paper and screen. It can be intensely nerve-wrecking, and you may have nightmares leading up to the big day where you open your mouth to speak and nothing comes out. With a little preparation, however, most of these nerves can be avoided, and the ones that are left will be the kind of nerves that fuel your adrenaline and prepare your mind for an intense showcase of you and your skillset.


To help you best prepare for a stellar interview, I’ve put together a list of items that should be thought of and prepared in advance. Let’s dive in.


What To Do After The Good News


Immediately After: When confirming your interview, make sure you repeat the date, time, and location in a thank you email not only to express your gratitude for the opportunity but to also show your ability to organize your schedule – not to mention to ensure you have all of the information correct!


Research The Company: You absolutely cannot go into an interview without knowing the core values of the company you’re potentially taking a job with. Allow yourself to do a few days worth of research into the company you’re meeting with. Who are you interviewing with? Where did they go to school? Where did the previously work? How long have they been with the company and what are their roles? These are important questions to make note of. It’s okay to take notes beforehand, but try to memorize as much of that information as you can. Taking a look at some blogs that the company has written or any recent press that they’ve had is also a good way to keep up with current updates from your potential employer.


Practice The Interview: It’s true – the only way to get really good at something is to practice, practice practice! Use a friend or family member to help you prepare by having them ask you typical interview questions. It’s also important to research what questions are allowed to be asked and what you should be expected to answer. It’s almost impossible to know what questions you’ll be asked in your interview, but there are plenty of online resources available to help you think of enough so that you are prepared. Be sure to also come up with a few questions of your own that are appropriate, interesting, and show that you’ve done your research.


Get Directions: Depending on how much time you have to prepare, practice the route you’ll take to get to your interview. It sounds silly, but it will save you from a ton of stress on the day of. If you can’t find the building you’re interviewing in and miss your interview or are late, you won’t be getting a call back.


Before we go much further into how to prepare for your interview, let’s take the time to let the above information sink in a little bit. Really take the time to research your potential new employer and determine how you can best excel within the company. Remember, you’ve already caught the eyes of employers if you’re getting an interview, so take the time to prepare but always stay confident. And since there are so many aspects that go into preparing for an interview, one blog just won’t fit it all. Stay tuned for part 2 of how to prepare for your interview, where I’ll cover what to take on the day of and how to dress for success!